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You ready to get Trusted or will you be dusted?

Whedonverse fans come together!
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Hi Joss fans you've found a community that has quite a history that started off as a ratings community but is now just open to all Buffy fans. I've decided to close one of my other Buffy communities. I'm combining the original idea of angel_u_slayers into this community.

From now on, truest_slayers will continue to be for the vets of the shows that have seen any and all Buffy and Angel, and do not need episode information lj cuts.

Therefore the angel_u_slayers no lj cuts rule is coming to this community. As far as I'm concerned it's silly to worry about spoilers because the show is all reruns now.

So play nice in discussions, and do not worry about lj cutting episode information. We all know Angel and Connor made peace, Willow's spell made an army of slayers, Fred is dead but her body belongs to the blue haired Illyria. Sunnydale sank in the ground. If you didn't know and are now mad that I didn't warn you then this community is not for you.
New fans are also welcome to join BUT there will NOT be a rule for spoiler cuts. If this doesn't bother you then you can hang out with us.

Application, for fun, is optional now, Stamps, advert images
The offer still stands:
If anyone wants to try and breathe life into this place with the stamps and rating/voting please let me, vampwill know.
Thanks all that helped and participated to make the rating stuff fun.