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Hey, I'm semi-new here...

I joined a couple of years ago but I kinda missed the whole "post or be dusted" thing so I kinda got booted. But I am back! And even though the application is optional, I've decided to fill it out again because it was so much fun the first time and I have probably grown as a fan.

Name: Kelly

age: 17

location: here

Do you have a buffy/angel related website or community, fanfics, artwork, if yes
link us to your web work: I have a Buffy guild on neopets

Favorite character and why: I really love Dru because she is INSANE and mysterious. I also love Buffy and Anya. And Faith. And Glory. And pretty much everyone, actually. But Dru takes the cake I think because she's just so...Dru.

Which character is a lot like you personally?: I think I'm probably most like Buffy or Anya. More like Buffy though I think. Only I don't slay things.

If you had the power to live in the body of one of the Joss-verse characters for
24 hours, who would you choose and why? Would it be only to a certain season? Or
would it include a story that hasn’t happened on either show?: I'd probably like to live as Buffy as long as it wasnt in season 6. She was just too emo and skanky in that season for me to want to be her. Probably season 1 or 3 Buffy would be a good me-time.

least favorite character: Blahhhhck Kennedy or Warren

favorite villain: As a big bad? probably Glory/Ben...altogether Dru..

favorite couple: Oz/Willow

favorite fantasy ship(couple that never happened): Hmmmmm...I was kind of into the whole Spike/Willow thing when I first heard of it..I don't think Spike/Faith would have been too bad though..

favorite episode and why: OMG I cant pick. Him was amazing. I love that episode and watch it whenever I need to cheer up.

least favorite episode: I'm not a big fan of Go Fish

worst storyline (could be an episode or a seasonal storyline your choice): I didnt really dig season 6 too much, altogether. I really loved Tabula Rasa and OMWF and there were some really good episodes, and overall I understand the fact that it was kind of a big contributor to the series...buuuut I didnt like a lot of the storylines.

best storyline: There were a lot of spectacular ones. Season 5 and Season 7 were pretty spectacular.

Did you miss any of the episodes from BTVS or ATS? What did you miss?: I never saw them on TV...but the only episode I havent seen is the season 4 Angel finale.

Which do you prefer BTVS, or Angel?: BtVS

favorite quote: SOOO many! Again! "I think emphatically not!"- Willow "Even then the guy would probably just use an anti-anti-love spell-spell..spell."- Anya.

List your favorite buffy/angel merchandise: Autographed Juliet Landau and James Marsters picture :) , my seasons, my faux buffy shirt, my stake made out of wallpaper . i know i have others...

When someone says the word "buffy" to you, what is the first thing that
pops into your mind? How about "angel"? Don't think
too much on this one - it's a simple word association game: Slayer....Brooding

Uh no,
the fine line between reality and fantasy has been torn and you find yourself
actually within the world of BTVS and ATS...ok, first of all breath...ok, now
once you've pinched yourself till your arm is red what would you do? Would you
try to go home? Would you go crazy fangirl on Spike or Angel? Would you
join up with the Scoobies or Angel gang? Be as creative as you'd like to
be: The only home I'd try to go to is the Summers residence. or someone else in the show. I would probably be a Riley fangirl. or oz. I would so tag along with the scoobies.

in Caritas and it's time to bare your soul to Lorne, what song will you sing for
him, and why?: I cant think of a song that i could bare my soul to. it would have to be something pretty important. I would probably sing whatever came to mind first.

It's a perfect night at The Bronze. You're favorite band is playing
who is it?: MC Lars

Has Buffy/Angel influenced your life at all? How?: Hahaha, practically everything I say is a quote from Buffy. I use situations from episodes to help lend advise to people

What? W & H is gone? Sunnydale blew up? I don't think so! The story goes on, how do you
keep it going? Be as creative as you like: Well we'll see how well Joss does with the new Season 8 comic book...then I'll get back to you ;)

anything else you would like to add: Season 8 comes out on my birthday :D it's like we're meant to beee!

OMWF Music
swells, and we see THE END.

And with that I go into shameless-self-promotion and say the following:

If anyone here happens to have a Neopets account, my friends and I have started a Buffy guild. We really need members, so if you'd be willing to be active and such, we'd love to have you! Click the banner to go see the guild :)

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