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i stumbled across this community with a joss whedon search and it seemed pretty interesting. it doesnt seem all that active but who knows :D i know the application is optional but i thought i would just fill it out as a way to introduce myself.



age: seventeen.

location: south carolina.

Do you have a buffy/angel related website or community, fanfics, artwork, if yes
link us to your web work:


Favorite character and why: i would probably have to say willow. i felt that out of all of the btvs characters, she had the most depth and personality. her character was sincere, funny and entertaining.
Which character is a lot like you personally?: i connect most with willow. her insecurities in the early seasons really rang true for me a few years ago.

If you had the power to live in the body of one of the Joss-verse characters for
24 hours, who would you choose and why? Would it be only to a certain season? Or
would it include a story that hasn’t happened on either show?:

mal from firefly because he's a badass. and it wouldnt be any specific story, i would just want to live in his body for a while. he's so different from me, it would be interesting.

least favorite character: riley. he annoyed me so badly...especially when he went through that phase where he felt demasculated by buffy and his heart situation. it always irritates me when guys that cant handle strong women get involved with them regardless.

favorite villain: drusilla and spike. especially at the end of season 2 when angel joined them. it was pure entertainment, and drusilla was creepy.

favorite couple: oz and willow. they were just so sweet to each other. later on, i also very much liked tara and willow together.

favorite fantasy ship(couple that never happened): faith and spike, when he was evil. would have been HOT.


favorite episode and why: there are so many. i'll go with tabula rasa because it was witty, humorous and moving. it sort of summarized what btvs was all about.

least favorite episode: hm. i dont know which one exactly, but there were a handful of episodes during season seven that i just thought were boring.

worst storyline (could be an episode or a seasonal storyline your choice):season seven. the "potential slayer" plot line irritated me and i felt like i was just watching the exact same episode over and over and over again. nothing seemed to progress for me.

best storyline: its a tossup between angel losing his soul in season two or willow's struggle with magic (and losing tara) in season six.

Did you miss any of the episodes from BTVS or ATS? What did you miss?:ive seen all episodes of btvs. please please please dont hate me for this (really) but angel bores me to tears. i have tried and tried to watch it, so i have seen maybe the equivalent of two seasons(?). anything i havent seen is a result of my falling asleep midway through the episode.

Which do you prefer BTVS, or Angel?: btvs. its very tongue-and-cheek, which makes it quite entertaining. angel just seems too serious for me. its all of my least favorite characters from buffy (*good* angel, cordelia and wesley)..honestly i didnt feel like these characters were strong enough to carry their own tv show. obviously a lot of people like it, some even more than btvs, but its just not for me.

favorite quote:"i've turned pro" or "out. for. a. walk. ...bitch."

List your favorite buffy/angel merchandise: my dvd collection obviously. and i also very much like the action figures...would love to own the library actually. it looks pretty cool. i also own some of the jewelry.

someone says the word "buffy" to you, what is the first thing that
pops into your mind? How about "angel"? Don't think
too much on this one - it's a simple word association game:

buffy-wooden stakes.

Uh no,
the fine line between reality and fantasy has been torn and you find yourself
actually within the world of BTVS and ATS...ok, first of all breath...ok, now
once you've pinched yourself till your arm is red what would you do? Would you
try to go home? Would you go crazy fangirl on Spike or Angel? Would you
join up with the Scoobies or Angel gang? Be as creative as you'd like to

i would join up with the scoobies and kick some demon ass. and maybe later i would try to have my way withspike :D
in Caritas and it's time to bare your soul to Lorne, what song will you sing for
him, and why?:

to be quite honest, probably nothing. i wouldnt really want lorne knowing very much about me. he sort of creeps me out. (i know i know, and im sorry)

It's a perfect night at The Bronze. You're favorite band is playing
who is it?:

my favorite band is not an unknown, local band so this is kind of hard. i will say that i really liked when michelle branch sang at the end of tabula rasa in the bronze.

Buffy/Angel influenced your life at all? How?:

not so much influenced as when something happens i find myself comparing it to situations on btvs? for instance, i broke up with my boyfriend of two years almost a year ago and after we were broken up i was watching an episode with riley and buffy a few days afterward and it hit me that my exboyfriend was almost exactly like riley in terms of childish behavior. needless to say, when he wanted to get back together, i was too freaked out to reconsider. is that wrong? maybe.

What? W
& H is gone? Sunnydale
blew up? I don't think so! The story goes on, how do you
keep it going? Be as creative as you like:

im not sure if anyone here has read any of of joss whedon's comic book fray, but it was a wonderful spin on the future of the slayer. i suggest you check it out if not. i would most definitely end up being one of those crazy council members or future watchers that sets themselves on fire just because i would have been waiting so long in anticipation of the next slayer. :P

else you would like to add:

not really.
maybe an apology to any angel fans i have offended...?


post a picture of yourself WITH your favorite buffy item(s)
if i could post a picture (my digital camera is lost...) then i would post a picture of myself in my "joss whedon is my master now" t-shirt, all of my buffy dvds and my buffy action figures. maybe also my collection of joss whedon comics?

other pics of merchandise and/or fan art is welcome:

OMWF Music
swells, and we see THE END.
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